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Advisory Work

Justin is a highly experienced risk management and strategic communications advisor. He has travelled to, worked in, and written about many of the world’s most challenging countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Burma, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Colombia, Lebanon, Syria and Morocco.

In Iraq, Justin established the Aegis Foundation and launched the world’s first outreach programme operated by a security company (2004-06), a nationwide civil affairs programme that aimed to assist the innocent victims of conflict by providing urgent assistance to schools, universities, hospitals, community centres, sports clubs, museums and other organisations. As well as funding and organising public information campaigns promoting reconciliation, the programme included inoculations against water-borne diseases and highly effective projects providing schools and communities with clean drinking water (

In 2008, Justin spent several months in Darfur working with the joint UN-African Union peacekeeping mission headquartered in Al Fasher where, among other things, he helped organise an equestrian and cultural festival designed to bring the warring tribes of Darfur together to discuss and resolve their differences.

In 2010 Justin was a senior advisor to the British government’s Stabilisation Unit on strategic communications in the UK, Afghanistan, Haiti, Congo, Somalia and other crisis environments – (

From 2008-2011 he has been advising the African Union mission in Somalia on behalf of the UN – ( He has written extensively about these overseas assignments for the FT, Times, Spectator and Standpoint, as well as broadcasting for the BBC World Service and Radio 4.